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[This Mainer loves the Eastern Caribbean]
Hi, I’m Kelsey. A UMaine alumna, Oxford comma user, professional copywriter, proofreader, amateur adult, terrible sleeper, expert daydreamer, arachnophobia sufferer.

I started this blog after graduating from The University of Maine in 2014, as I moved south to Long Island where I had been accepted to Graduate School. Unfortunately, I quickly grew to dislike the program, and because of financial and confidence handicaps, packed up my belongings and moved back to Maine. Since then, I have become a Copywriter, Freelance Proofreader, and less professionally, a blogger.

There’s Something About KM comes from my original blog title: There’s Something About Maine. It was sort of a way to keep my connection to the Pine Tree State while I lived outside of its borders. While I still love most of what makes this place so wonderful, continuing to associate my blog with it just wasn’t working (constant reminder of my failure and all that). After brainstorming for hours about a new title for this new domain, I realized I still liked the first three words of the original, as it fits my scatterbrained, curious, and habitual manners that fuel my self. The KM are my first and middle name initials, the blue is a calming color I have always loved (and gray is one of its best complements).

As far as the content: There’s Something About the book and publishing industries, creative writing, grammatical tips, strong opinions, the outdoors, old movies, city life, travel, photographs, nostalgia, learning, and oh so very much more that I am yearning to keep up with. I am always interested in conversing with other writers, readers, and professionals, and I’m learning that a blog – or dare I say it, a personal brand (yuck) – is my new favorite mode of connecting with people. I thank you for following along with me, and look forward to talking with you here, in an email, on Instagram, or via Twitter.

I would be happy to discuss collaboration or freelance opportunities with interested individuals and groups. Click here or email me at to get in touch.



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