My Reading Challenges hold me accountable for getting through at least 2 titles each month are listed below. It’s a new year, so I have decided to change up my reading goals. Previously, I worked on two pre-determined books over the course of a month and then posted about them. However, if you have been following along with me (thank you immensely!), you know that I get distracted by other books and my social life and yesokaytelevisionshowsIwatchoverandoveragain. So, to be more successful, I’m rigging the system! My 2017 Reading Challenge is linked below, so click the image for more details.

Feel free to check out my past reads and challenges – they are still fully open for discussion – as well as share your own reading goals (I’m always up for getting distracted by other books). Happy reading!


2015-2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Summer Reading Challenge

2015 Summer Reading Challenge


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