Good morning, and happy Monday. I am fighting a terrible sunburn right now, so while I am happy to be starting a new week of words, my face does not show it because it hurts to move any part of it. My own fault, I know. It will be nice to sit in my tenebrous office today and relieve myself of any sun that is outside. Oh, and this week’s theme is: there is no theme. The words are as random as possible, so enjoy them and enjoy your week!

tenebrous (TEN-uh-bruhs)
adjective: dark, gloomy, or obscure

From Old French tenebreus, from Latin tenebrosus (dark), from tenebrae (darkness).
Earliest documented use: 1420

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“By its very nature rather tenebrous, undercover intelligence gathering blurs the lines between procedure and actual process, making it a difficult area to monitor and regulate.”
Sarah Vine; Radio Choice; The Times (London, UK); Sep 29, 2012.

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