Good morning, and happy Monday. I hope you enjoy today’s and this week’s warm weather – I know I will – and I hope you enjoy this week’s words. The theme for this week is “words that turn into another word when beheaded.” Here’s an explanation from Wordsmith:

“What happens when you remove the letter ‘a’ from the front of the alphabet? You b-head it. Each of this week’s words sprouts another word when you behead it. Go ahead, try it. Decapitate these words. Decollate them. You won’t hurt a thing. Nor will the word-police arrest you for verbicide — destroying (the meaning of) a word — for in each instance you’ll be generating another word, a 100% guaranteed dictionary word. ”

scop (shop, skop)
noun: a poet or minstrel

From Old English scop (poet, minstrel). Earliest documented use: 888

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“The modern poet’s vision would be more ambiguous, and much less happy, than that of the medieval scop.”
Adam Kirsch; Back to Basics; The New Yorker; May 11, 2009.

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