Hello and happy Monday. Welcome to my new blog, and thank you for being patient while I still work out some wrinkles in the design. I am republishing this Word of the Day because it would drive me nuts to start with Tuesday and just leave out this one day. So if you didn’t read this post this morning, this week’s words are categorized as “kangaroo words.” Here’s the description from Wordsmith:

Kangaroo words didn’t originate in Australia. Nor do they leap across the pages of a book. The reason they are called kangaroo words is that they carry a tinier version of themselves within. Maybe we should call them marsupial words.

Here’s an example. The word ‘curtail’ has ‘cut’ in its spelling, ‘respite’ has ‘rest,’ and ‘splotch’ has ‘spot.’ This week we’ll feature five kangaroo words. See if you can identify their joeys.

There are two rules about kangaroo words:
The letters of a joey should be in order.
Not all letters can be adjacent. So ‘enjoy’/’joy’ don’t count.

Enjoy (ha ha) your week, and have fun identifying the joeys within these kangaroo words. Here’s the first one.

quiescent (kwee-ES-uhnt, kwy-)

adjective: still; inactive; not showing any symptoms

From Latin quiescere (to rest), from quies (quiet).
Earliest documented use: 1605

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“Given how quiescent wages and prices remain, rate rises seem still at least a year away.”
Jobs are Not Enough; The Economist (London, UK); Jul 19, 2014

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