meteoric (sat-uhr-NAY-lee-uh)

adjective: 1. relating to a meteor or meteorite
2. resembling a meteor in speed, brilliance, suddenness, or transience
3. coming from the atmosphere (used to describe water); meteorological

From Old French meteore, from Latin meteorum, from Greek meteoron (raised in the air), from meta- (among) + aeirein (to raise). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wer- (to raise), which also gave us air, aura, aorta, artery, and arterious. Earliest documented use: 1612

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“Despite his meteoric climb up the corporate ladder, there was something missing for Anderson.”
Brad Davidson; Gamble of His Life; The Gold Coast Bulletin (Southport, Australia); Jul 11, 2015.

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