Happy Friday! Hopefully now you have more words in your vocabulary to help you describe those things you know there are words for but you just can’t think of them. Have a great weekend, and get ready for a new set of words next week.

mala fide (MAL-uh FY-dee)

adverb, adjective: in bad faith

From Latin mala fide, from malus (bad) + fides (faith). Earliest documented use: 1561

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“If he or she is found guilty of acting in a mala fide manner in damaging the company’s reputation or interests, punishment can range from demotion to termination without benefits.”
Dibeyendu Ganguly; How is India Inc Coping with the Dangers of Ethical Fading?; The Economic Times (New Delhi, India); Apr 26, 2013.

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