Well we started the week with a seducing eponym – might as well end with one too. This week went by dreadfully slow for me, but I have something fun planned for this weekend so stay tuned for that and enjoy yours!

Lovelace (LUV-lays)

noun: a seducer; a licentious man

After Robert Lovelace, a dissolute character in Samuel Richardson’s novel Clarissa (1748). Earliest documented use: 1751. Other eponyms with similar senses are Casanova, Don Juan, and Romeo.

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“He could not be made to understand that the modern drama of divorce is sometimes cast without a Lovelace. ‘You might as well tell me there was nobody but Adam in the garden when Eve picked the apple. You say your wife was discontented? No woman ever knows she’s discontented till some man tells her so.’”
Edith Wharton; The Custom of the Country; 1913.

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