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futilitarian (fyoo-til-i-TAR-ee-uhn)

adjective: 1. devoted to futile pursuits
2. holding the belief that human striving is useless

noun: 1. a person devoted to futile pursuits
2. one who believes that human striving is useless

A blend of futile and utilitarian.
Earliest documented use: 1827

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.’ Dante was the First Futilitarian.”
Brad Blanton; Futilitarianism; Tikkun (Berkeley, California); Nov/Dec 2004.

“Owner Jerry Reinsdorf had promised an all-out effort to improve, but the team seems to have adopted a futilitarian attitude.”
Bob Verdi; Only Flag Over Comiskey Park Is White; Chicago Tribune; Jul 9, 1989.

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