Happy Friday! It’s been fun traveling to different places through these words, and for the last word, or term, we are going to Israel. I believe this is the youngest word that I have featured as a Word of the Day as of yet; its age is in itself interesting to me. Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you next week for a new category of words.

Jerusalem syndrome (ji-ROOS-uh-luhm SIN-drohm)

noun: A phenomenon in which a visitor to a holy place suffers from religious psychosis, such as believing him- or herself to be a messiah

After Jerusalem, Israel, where the phenomenon was first described by the psychiatrist Heinz Herman. Earliest documented use: 1987

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“Catherine admits a patient with Jerusalem syndrome who believes he has been touched by the hand of God.”
Kathryn Shattuck; What’s On Thursday; The New York Times; May 22, 2014.

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