Happy Friday! I hope you’ve enjoyed these Yiddish words, and hope you’ll come back next week for a new category of words from Wordsmith. I will not get a chance to post Sunday morning, but perhaps I will later in the evening so stay tuned. Have a great weekend!

heimisch  or heimish or haimish (HAY-mish, HY-)

adjective: homey; unpretentious

From Yiddish heymish (domestic), from Old High German heim (home). Ultimately from the Indo-European root tkei- (to settle or dwell), which also gave us home, haunt, hangar, site, situate, and hamlet.
Earliest documented use: 1964

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“Most of his deal-making takes place over the heimisch cuisine of Gilda.”
Spencer Bright; Michael Levy; The Guardian (London, UK); Aug 18, 1997.

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