Happy Friday! I’ll be working vigorously this evening to publish a grammar-centric post, the first one on my new blog (finally!). I’m hoping to be working a lot this weekend as it is a three day weekend for me, but the outdoors may be too beckoning – we’ll see. Enjoy your weekend and check back in on Tuesday for a new category of words.

acerbate (AS-uhr-bayt)

verb transitive: to irritate or to aggravate

From Latin acerbus (bitter). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ak- (sharp), which is also the source of acrid, vinegar, acid, acute, edge, hammer, heaven, eager, oxygen, mediocre, paragon, acuity, and acidic.
Earliest documented use: 1657

Yesterday I was acerbated by the fact that it was Thursday, as I thought it was Friday. But now Friday is here so those feelings have subsided.

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