Good morning, and happy Monday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine, although, like always, I wish it had lasted a little [a lot] longer. I will be posting about my Summer Reading Challenge progress later this afternoon, and until then I hope you’ll enjoy the beginning of another week of words. This week, Wordsmith is focusing on “words that aren’t what they seem to be,” so make your best guesses, and then find out how wrong (or right!) you are.

accidence (TEN-uh-bruhs)
noun: 1. the fundamentals of any subject
2. the branch of grammar dealing with inflections of words
3. a book of fundamentals of a subject


From Latin accidentia (from Latin accidens), from accidere (to happen), from ad- (toward) + cadere (to fall). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kad- (to fall), which is also the source of cadence, cascade, casualty, cadaver, chance, chute, accident, occident, decay, recidivism, perchance, casuistry. Earliest documented use: 1434

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“He flicked through the accidence, and closed it with a smile of accomplishment.”
Geraldine Brooks; Caleb’s Crossing; Viking; 2011.

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