Thank you, HALLS® cough drops, for providing those uplifting, motivational quotes on your wrappers.

Phrases like:

“Buckle down and push forth!”

“Get back in the game.”

“Impress yourself today.”

When I’m feeling terrible and can’t be active without activating severe cough sessions and nose waterfalls , what I need, besides your medicine droplets, is a one or two-liner intent on picking me up and getting me going when all I want to do is sleep, read, and drink more tea and water than I have in the past year.

Well today I woke up and showered, coughed no more than 200 times within an hour, and then decided my sandpaper throat, swollen glands, and throbbing head needed to lay back down on a pillow and rest for the majority of the day.

But, during a fated trip upstairs for tea and more water, my hand pulled a strawberry lozenge from the plastic bag boasting soothing powers, and lo and behold, it wasn’t that lozenge (and the rest and the tea and water) that I needed to start my body’s healing after all. It was those sky blue words printed on the crinkly wrapper that inspired my body to suck. it. up!

Buckle down and push forth? Okay, this is easy. I sit down, or buckle down, on the couch, wrap myself in my comfy blanket and push everything off the coffee table to make room for my tea, tissues, water, lotion, ChapStick®, books, and remotes. CHECK!

Get back in the game? If that game is the one from last night where I fell asleep reading my book after a nice dose of Mucinex®, well then I guess I’m going to just have to apply another CHECK!

Impress yourself today? I folded my clean laundry and put away clean dishes from the dishwasher – tasks I moan and complain about doing when I’m in perfect health. Well consider myself impressed, HALLS! CHECK!

So while I’m still exhausted and feel only a little bit better, thank you motivational cough drop quotes, for preventing complete exhaustion and giving me good vibes while I deplete my tissue supply, my apartment building’s well, and napped profusely.

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