Most of the time, I shop exclusively at one local bookstore (that has multiple locations), primarily because once I find a shop/restaurant/bar/hiking spot that I love, I don’t feel an overwhelming pressure to stray from my “regular” spot. However, I’ve been trying to apply that pressure on myself because 1. There are so many great places I haven’t discovered because of this, and 2. The same old same old starts to become just that: old. I need a little variety so I can appreciate the places I love like when I first discovered them. This will also aid me in writing about different places here on my blog, rather than writing a bunch of posts about the same place.

Carlson Turner Bookstore and Bookbindery Sidwalk

Neighbored by a variety of places to eat and facing a large cemetery sits a row of narrow buildings that you can’t help but notice for their whimsy. If you don’t notice the sign above the door for Carlson Turner Antiquarian Bookstore and Bookbindery, the bricks lining the street are integrated to form the most charming section of sidewalk in the city – leading you right through an old door and into what I daresay is the most charming store in the city.

Carlson Turner Bookstore and BookbinderyThe musty smell fills your nostrils and lungs almost immediately; the quickness of this makes you forget that this is not how everything smells. Faced with tall bookshelves I got lost in the most perfect way.

Inside Carlson Turner Bookstore and BookbinderyRecently published novels, literary classics, childhood favorites, dictionaries, foreign language texts, maps, and even (eek!) old grammar books which I almost purchased all of.  I must have passed through each shelf-hallway three times, each time spotting a title I hadn’t noticed before. A typewriter sat in the back, surrounded by more bookshelves, and although the floor seemed fragile, it supported the bookstore’s contents well. I cannot personally attest to the Bookbindery services, but if I continue re-reading some of my favorite book editions to the point where my shoddy repairs don’t hold up, I’ll be happy to utilize them.

The quiet man behind the counter was working on a project and I didn’t want to disturb, but he was kind so in no time (or perhaps, too quickly) I had made my purchase and walked back outside into the real world. Until next time.


Carlson & Turner Purchases


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