Welcome to my TBR Shame post. I’ve been thinking of ways to fill the hole left by my decision to stop posting a Word of the Day, and I’ve found it. I’ve been going back and forth with the idea to have a page dedicated to my personal library, color coded to show new additions, special editions, books I’ve read, and books I’ve yet to read. On the one hand, this would make for a great page to sit on my blog; on the other hand, it would be a page just sitting on my blog – static.


Fortunately, a new post from a blog I just started following, Thrice Read, popped into my inbox with a spectacular subject: a TBR Shame book tag. Caitlynn at Thrice Read credits this book tag to another blog, The Book Nut (read their post here), which is basically a list of unread books, or books To Be Read. The “shame” part comes from the notion that if the book is on a shelf in your place of residence you “should” have read it. And if you haven’t? Shame (this should be taken/felt lightheartedly)! I feel this when I look at my bookshelves, and while it’s not a horrifying shame, it’s shame nonetheless. Anyway, I will be continuing this book tag thread with my own TBR list, although it is not as lengthy as the two previous bloggers’ lists (I am also including books I am currently reading, and have started reading and need to finish).

Here we go:

Bannister, Nonna The Secret Holocaust Diaries with Denise George & Carolyn Tomlin

Bowles, Paul The Sheltering Sky

Carson, Rachel The Sea Around Us

Collins, Wilkie The Woman in White

Collins, Wilkie The Moonstone

Defoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe

Dunham, Lena Not That Kind of Girl

Faulkner, William The Unvanquished

Flynn, Gillian The Grownup

Fowler, Karen Joy The Jane Austen Book Club

Gaiman, Neil The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Goldman, William The Princess Bride

Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter

Lee, Min Jin Pachinko

McCourt, Frank Angela’s Ashes

Moyes, Jojo Me Before You

Oates, Joyce Carol Them

Oates, Joyce Carol The Gravedigger’s Daughter

Rand, Ayn Night of January 16th

Reed, Ishmael Terrible Twos

Rogers, Morgan Callan Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Rushdie, Salman Midnight’s Children

Ryan, Tom Following Atticus

Steinem, Gloria My Life on the Road

Thackeray, William Vanity Fair

Vonnegut, Kurt Slaughterhouse-Five

Vreeland, Susan Clara and Mr. Tiffany

I’m not putting a time limit on this reading challenge, because as I add to my shelves more and more books will be added to this list (and because I already have an in-progress reading challenge). Check back in for monthly updates, and share your most pressing TBR titles below. Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “TBR Shame Book List”

  1. My list would be incredibly long. Goodreads tells me that I have 329 on my TBR list, but that doesn’t include all the unread books in the house. It does include a lot of free books I downloaded to my Kindle in the first heady days after I bought it, so I might do a bit of pruning.

    1. I only included books that I own, because if I typed out my Goodreads TBR list my hands would need rest for days because of the cramping. 😛 Good luck pruning!

      1. Ah, I should have mentioned that they are all books that I own. I think there are about 5 books there that I don’t own. I have been reading for half a century, though, and you can collect a lot of books in that time.

  2. I’m glad this challenge doesn’t include the books I’ve added to my GoodReads TBR shelf. Because that shelf is out of control at this point.

    Honestly, I sometimes have to purge it a bit and ask myself, what was I thinking when I added that. A lot of times it was reading a review or hearing buzz about something and thinking, I have to read that. And then promptly forgetting when I came across something else that distracted me. (I have terrible OCD when it comes books.)

    There are some books on this list I’ve read and I hope you enjoy whenever you can read them.

    1. I originally thought about making this about my Goodreads TBR shelf, but 1. that would be redundant, and 2. it would be, to echo your words, out of control (I wrote a post on how I recently added the 1,000th book to my GR TBR shelf, which I’ve far surpassed now). I am right there with you on stepping back and reviewing books I’ve added to make sure they still catch my interest, and if they don’t, I usually take them off the list. But most of the time, it’s far too easy to click that Want To Read button and just move along to the next book without looking back. 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

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