Murder on the Orient Express | Agatha Christie

RC2017: Murder on the Orient Express

I selected Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie for my 2017 Reading Challenge because it has been made into a movie that will be out in November. Well, I should say the movie is being remade, since there is a 1974 version already out there. This is the first Agatha Christie novel I’ve read, and I’m fighting back the urge to abandon all other…

Book Tag | There's Something About KM

The Book Lover’s Book Tag

A new month calls for another Book Tag. I found this Book Lover’s Tag on Of Reading and Random Things, so read her post here, and let me know if you fill it out yourself! Do you have a specific place for reading? I prefer a couch or a cozy easy chair, but I’ll read anywhere. Except in a moving vehicle (planes included) because motion…

The Young Giant | Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: The Young Giant

“A long time ago a countryman had a son who was as big as a thumb, and did not become any bigger, and during several years did not grow one hair’s breadth.”

Alzheimer's in America: The Shriver Report on Women and Alzheimer's | A Study by Maria Shriver and the Alzheimer's Association

RC2017: Alzheimer’s in America: The Shriver Report™ on Women and Alzheimer’s

I’ve thought about the possibilities for this post more than I have for my other Reading Challenge entries. Which was not unexpected; as my non-fiction pick, and one that I knew would deeply affect me, I envisioned this post to be different than those for works of fiction. There is really so much I want to say and so much I fear leaving out, so…

My Goodreads To Read Shelf: 1,000 Books

With the addition of The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire by Susan Ronald, this morning my Goodreads To Read shelf reached 1,000 titles. Why does this feel so momentous to me? Besides the enormity of the number, I guess it’s amazing to me that there are [over] 1,000 books that I have taken an interest in; roughly 900…

Tom Thumb's Travels | Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: Tom Thumb’s Travels

“There was once a tailor who had a son no higher than a thumb, so he was called Tom Thumb. Notwithstanding his small size, he had plenty of spirit, and one day he said to his father, ‘Father, go out into the world I must and will.’”

Fire Study | Maria V. Snyder

2017RC: Fire Study

As I look back on what I wrote for Poison Study, my reflections on Maria V. Snyder’s third installment in the Study Series, Fire Study, are sentimental, corrective, and tumultuous. I now understand more about the other books branching out in the world Maria V. Snyder has created, and know they cannot – well, should not – be read out of order. Additionally, my desire to continue…

Book Tag | There's Something About KM

Would You Rather Book Tag

  I’ve decided to join in on the fun that is Book Tags! Although I suppose I’m not following the first “rule” of book tags, which is to be tagged, that seems to be okay in the world of book blogs. For my first, I’m doing a Would You Rather Book Tag which I found on Starring Pamela. Typically I’m not a big fan of…

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