For Beverly

I wrote this at the end of 2014, which was an arduous time for me. I was realizing that the Master’s program I was in was not something I wanted to continue, I was broke, and more terrible thoughts inhabited my mind than positive ones. Then, my grandmother passed away.  ♥

From My Bookshelf: Jane, Paris, Swan

My “main” bookshelf, which sits in the second bedroom of our apartment – sorry, the office of our apartment – is officially full. It’s a small two-shelfer, approximately 38″ wide, and fits maybe half or a quarter of my books. Let’s say a quarter. Seeing the bookshelf full is so pleasing, aesthetically and soulfully; all the different heights, widths, colors, and wear of the books blend…

The First Day of Spring

Spring has begun its transition into summer, and here in Maine, in the blink of an eye, summer will be transitioning into fall. Time is a subject that is easy to grow tired of, but I’ve become much more in tune and obsessed with it in the past few months. During the weekend before the first day of spring this year, for instance, time seemed to…


#AtoZChallenge: Keillor

Trying to think of a “K” word to tie in with my other #AtoZChallenge posts reminded me of an exercise we used to do in school to help learn each other’s names. Each student would recite their first name, then think of an adjective to describe themselves that began with the same first letter. If there was nobody with a “K” name before me, I…

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