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...books, writing, language, my place in the world, and so much more. Here I share my experiences and thoughts with all of these. The three most important things you must known about me are my love for mornings, my need for coffee before I accomplish anything, and that I am more confident in my written thoughts than in my spoken ones. Below are two featured topics and a link to my contact page, but you can access all of my posts by clicking "Blog" in the drop down menu above. Join me in my annual Reading Challenge, tag me in a Book Tag, share my posts (and follow me) on social media, and tell me what you're reading (I'm on Goodreads, too.) Thank you for visiting.

From My Bookshelf

Have you read all of the books you own? Are there some books on your shelves that you

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TBR Shame Book List

Welcome to my TBR Shame post. I’ve been thinking of ways to fill the hole left

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Send me book suggestions, blog feedback, collaboration inquiries, or just say hello.

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There's Something About

My Goodreads To Read Shelf: 1,000 Books

With the addition of The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire by Susan Ronal

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Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: Tom Thumb’s Travels

“There was once a tailor who had a son no higher than a thumb, so he was called Tom Thumb. Notwithstanding his sma

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From My Bookshelf: Candide, Foreign, Oz

For this month’s From My Bookshelf post, I’ve selected three of the slimmest books in my personal library: 

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This is my response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Overcome. Click the link to learn more, or continue on to my short

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